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Dr. Stuart Langenthal
11555 Heron Bay Blvd.
Suite 200
Coral Springs, FL 33076

(954) 721-5144


Parents are frequently referred to our office via their pediatrician, classroom teacher/school, personal reference or word of mouth.  The initial appointment is generally scheduled with parent or parents to discuss the child's development, learning and behavioral history.


If your child is going to be seen for an ASSESSMENT, our procedures are as follows:


1.The first appointment is with parents to gather a history and explore issues.  Rating scales will be completed and /or sent to referring schools. Appropriate releases of information are completed.


2. One or more assessment appointments are scheduled for your child.


3. Subsequent to the assessment and when all rating scale data is completed, a post-test review is scheduled with parents to discuss assessment results.


4. Subsequent to the posttest review, a psychological/educational/developmental report is prepared (allow two to three weeks).  The original report is provided to the parent only. With appropriate written releases however, the report may be forwarded to your pediatrician and/or child's school. Note that you will receive comprehensive posttest instructions accompanying the written report.


5. A telephone conference or follow-up meeting with your child's teacher or school is typically scheduled.  Meetings may be formal or informal. 


6. Posttest services such as counseling are scheduled as needed.


If your child is going to be seen for COUNSELING, our procedures are as follows:


1. The first appointment is scheduled for parents to gather a history and explore pertinent issues (older adolescents may accompany parents to this first appointment.  In addition very young preschool children may likewise accompany their parents so that they can be casually observed during this first meeting).


2. At the next appointment, Dr. Langenthal meets with your child individually for an interview and/or play interaction.  Very young children are often seen with their parents for a parent/child play intake as well.


3. A follow-up meeting with parents is scheduled to review impressions and plan treatment approaches.


4. Subsequent counseling sessions may involve your child, parents or other members of the family.


Our goal is to provide counseling services that are typically brief and solution focused.

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Dr. Stuart Langenthal
11555 Heron Bay Blvd., Suite 200
Coral Springs, FL 33076
Phone: (954) 721-5144